just thought i’d put happy birthday imi tis not til st patricks dayy but happy 14th birthday iluu bma 😀


guyz cant remember the last time i went on club penguin think it was sometime last year anyway cba shutting the site down so i shall keep it open for future cp noobs to learn about how we hacked in the olden days 😉 bahahahaha im going to go now and wish james a happy birthday


Im baaackk

Helloo Fumas here now known as foolio im back on club penguin (: bet you all missed me didn’t you how you all enjoying the music jam i’ll write more soon but am busy now so bye lyl.


go 2 tha mountain and when you see the map chase it folo it and then wen u hav it go behind the tour booth and u in da forest


lol its not dat bad but… someone banned fumas 4eva!!!!!so now ive only got 1 account left I WILL SEEK MY REVENGE!!!! (in a couple of years) now lets start  campaign UNBAN  FUMAS UNBAN FUMAS!!! 

in snow angel now

lol im obsesd wit rockhopper

rockhopper agen

rockhopper just sed the key is under his hat